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RMS Dress Code


Clothing does say something about the individual wearing it.  We believe that all students should demonstrate their commitment to excellence through their clothing.  It is our desire to create a safe and secure environment conducive to learning, and dress is one area that often distracts from our goal.  The RMS dress code is meant to be a fluid document.  As changes occur that become distractions to the learning environment of safety of our students they will be addressed.  Decisions about appropriateness of attire are at the administrations discretion. 

Students in violation of this policy will be given the opportunity to fix their appearance.  Failure to comply will result in the student’s parents or guardian being called to take the student home to correct their dress.  Continued failure to comply with the dress code will result in office referrals for Level 3 Dress Code infraction.

Tops:  Clothing should cover the body and represent the dignity of each individual.  Shoulders, mid-riffs, and cleavage should be COMPLETELY covered.  Tops should fit the student properly.  Skin tight and oversized shirts are prohibited.  Tops should not have hoods of any kind. Tank tops may not be worn by themselves.

Examples of tops that would not meet code include, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO:

  • Tops that reveal midriffs or undergarments (including bra straps).
  • Clothing that portrays suggestive, derogatory, insulting pictures or writing, or in any way can be construed to have a “double” meaning.
  • Any article of clothing that refers to any type of alcohol, drug, or act that is illegal or hazardous to one’s health.
  • Clothing that depicts the “Playboy Bunny”
     or other sexually suggestive pictures, symbols or wording.
  • Apparel with emblems, printing or offensive pictures, etc, that creates animosity between groups and/or individuals (This would include but not be limited to swastikas).
  • Jersey’s are not appropriate.
  • All Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Kings, and insignias denoting LA.  No professional sports apparel will be permitted.
  • Shirts may not bear the number 13.
  • All ICP (Insane Clown Posse) apparel.  Including hatchetman and Wicked Clown pictures, logos or words. 
  • Shirts depicting gangsters or gang lifestyles (i.e.; Scarface shirts, pictures of guns or other weapons).
  • Clothing with directional wording (North, South, East or West) is not permitted (this includes but is not limited to “Southpole” brand clothing).
  • Gang colors worn, written, or prominently displayed in any manner.
  • Any style of top with a hood.

Pants:  Clothing worn on the trunk should be appropriately sized, not baggy or tight.  Pants should also not have any logos pictures or writing that has been deemed inappropriate in the “Tops” section.  Pants should cover the body and not expose underwear or skin.  Pants should be in good condition without excessive holes that expose skin or undergarments. Holes above the knee are unacceptable.  Pants must be free of chains and other hanging accessories.  Pajama pants are not acceptable. Leggings worn alone are not acceptable.

Dresses/Skirts/Shorts:  Length and cut of dresses, skirts and shorts should be appropriate for the school setting.  Dresses must comply with the “Tops” section of this code.  Hemlines should measure no more than 5 inches above the knee.

Belts:  Belts should be of an appropriate size and length.  The belt should be contained within the belt loops of the pants or skirt, not hanging down.  Inappropriate belts must be removed.  Belt buckles must follow the guidelines for tops in reference to imprinting and appropriate characters or wording.

Shoes:  Shoes must be worn at all times while at school.  NO BARE FEET.  Bedroom slippers are not acceptable footwear.  Steel toed boots are also prohibited.

Headwear:  We proudly display the United States flag in our building.  In order to show respect, hats or headwear should be removed before entering the building.  Bandanas of any color or design are not allowed.  Exceptions will be made for religious or medical reasons when requested in writing by a parent to the principal.

Accessories:  All jewelry or accessories should be free from any distracting symbols or logos.  Studded bracelets and neck chokers are not acceptable.  Chains that connect to wallets or other items should be removed before entering the building.  If jewelry is deemed inappropriate for safety reasons in PE classes, students will be asked to remove the jewelry for that class period.

Hair//Skin:  If hair color becomes a distraction in the classroom, parents will be notified.  Students should not have writing on their skin.

Backpack/duffle bags/purses: All backpacks, duffle bags and purses should be placed into a student’s locker upon entering the building.

Outerwear: Outerwear is considered jackets, coats, hats, gloves, earmuffs, etc.  All outerwear should follow the guidelines in the “Tops” section of this code.  All outerwear must be stored in the student’s locker during the school day.

Miscellaneous - Clothing such as see-through garments, fish net tops, tank tops with enlarged arm holes, clothing allowing a bare midriff, pants worn below the waist, shorts in poor repair, short shorts and tight fitting shorts shall not be allowed at school.  Wallet chains are not acceptable.  The building administration reserves the right to determine whether or not an article is appropriate.


We believe that the way we dress will in fact affect our learning.  The ‘Dress for Success’ standards are not to limit a student’s expression, but to provide a secure and non-threatening environment for all of our students.  We appreciate your support in complying with these guidelines.