Classroom Expectations

This class uses Language! It is an accelerated program with a 90 minute block of time. Each day we will work on the following steps:

*times are approximate and fluency is addressed in various steps.

Step 1 

Phonemic Awareness 

And Phonics (10 minutes)

Helps students learn the building blocks of the English language

Step 2

Word Recognition and     

Spelling (10 minutes)

Teaches students how to use the sound spelling correspondences to fluently read and spell words

Step 3 Vocabulary and

Morphology (10 minutes)

Develops the meanings of words students can read and spell

Step 4 Grammar and 

Usage (15 minutes)

Increases understanding of sentence parts and patterns

Step 5 Listening and 

Reading Comprehension-

of difficulty 

(20 minutes)

Teaches comprehension using three different levels of text each with an increasing level 

Step 6 Speaking and 

Listening (25 minutes)

Develops communication skills through speaking and writing


All students and teachers are treated with dignity and respect.  We follow the Discovery program in my classroom.

The students are not assigned homework, but can do specific tasks to get homework treats. This is to encourage them to participate in reading activities at home to help boost their reading skills.

Homework options

  • Fluency practice sheets (they bring their log sheets with their correct words per minute for credit)
  • Vocab Journey or Sortagories: 
  • Vocabulary apps on cell phones (list on resource page)
  • Reading at home for 30 minutes to an hour  
  • Silent read or read to a sibling, parent, cousin, or even the dog! 

Class work

All work done in class is reviewed before any tests are given. The students are exposed to all grammar lessons and spelling words many times within each unit. If you would like to review spelling words with your child, you will find them on my lesson plans. Click on the grade your child is in and you will find our lessons.  The spelling words are listed on the days of the tests.  

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