Jamie Chapman

Art Teacher

Hi! I am the Art Teacher for Rawlins Middle School, serving 6th through 8th grade students.  This is my fourth year in the district, but my first year teaching at just RMS, so I am excited to focus my attentions on this group of students.

In Art, students can expect to study the basic building blocks of art making: The Elements of Art and the Principles of Design.  However, we will do this as a Choice-Based Art Room.  This means that after the first few weeks of orientation to the Art Room, students will be asked to take responsibility for their own interests and art experience and "self-direct" to different art centers in the room.  Students will be able to learn the basics of many different art practices, but also have the privilege of exploring deeply into the art practices that interest them the most! How exciting!  My expectations are that all students will be on-task in the room, working on their own artwork, and that no two students' work will look alike.  Our focus is on individual creativity, and functioning in a creative environment as though we were working in a real artists' studio.  

With this in mind, students will be focusing on the Eight Studio Habits of Mind:

Developing Craft

Engaging and Persisting


Stretching and Exploring



Understanding the Art World

Reflecting on the Creative Process

If you should have any questions for me about practices in the art room, and grading expectations, please don't hesitate to contact me at 307-328-9205, ext 5233, or e-mailing me at jchapman@crb1.net.

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