According to research one of the best ways to increase a childs reading level is by increasing their lexile range. At Rawlins Middle School we have the privilege of administering the MAP text to our students. Based on this test we learn several pieces of information about each student, including their lexile range. As a reading teacher I would like all of my students to read novels at home that fall near the top end of their lexile range. I give all my students opportunities to find their novel here at the school library, but if they cannot find something in their range that they will also enjoy reading then they can look at the public library, or purchase their own novel. I would like to be included in this decision, especially before a purchase is made, but if you find yourself at the public library or perusing online, use to check on the reading level. Again, I would like to be informed and part of the process, especially if a book is going to be purchased. That way I can save you money if the novel does not meet my expectations, because some of them, even with a high lexile level, might not work for the project we do with the book.


E Reading Worksheets

If you are interested in additional practice with reading skills then check out This website is full of skill specific reading worksheets, from figurative language to making inferences. Students can practice during the school year as well as during the long, boring summer break so that they forget nothing.

Common Sense Media

Wondering if that novel your son or daughter came home with is age appropriate? Check out to read reviews, themes, and age recommendations. This website is designed for families to identify which media to allow in their home and in the hands of their children. Not only does it explore books, but also movies, TV shows, and phone apps. 

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