David Johnson

English Language Arts Teacher
Welcome to my web page. I am Mr. Johnson and I teach reading at Rawlins Middle School. 

Who is this guy?

I have a wife and four children that are very dear to me.
I love to read, especially science fiction and horror.
I have dance parties with my daughters.
I grew up in the southwest. I was born in Flagstaff Arizona and attended high school in Bloomfield New Mexico, just outside of Farmington.
I tickle my children daily.
Hablo espanol, mas o menos. Fui un missionero en Miami en 2002-2004 pero me ha olvidado mucho. 
I love my mustache.
I fear God.
I jam with my air guitar to 90's alternative rock.
I write. Mostly short fiction and weird poetry.
I wrestle with my oldest son (the baby is too tiny so I just roll him around and tickle him).
I plan on taking up fishing again (I haven't spent much time fishing since I was a boy).
I'd like to learn how to hunt.
I call my wife "lady". 

This Course
Students in this class are expected to not only read daily, but also learn reading strategies that will help them in other subjects. Here are a few examples of the things we learn to do:
Identify the main idea of a text.
Identify the theme of a text and track its development.
Cite textual evidence to support analysis and understanding.
Compare and contrast different texts.
Determine an authors purpose and point of view.
Analyze specific word choice to understand how it influences understanding.
Analyze an authors argument to see if it is valid. 
These skills and more are essential for all students to master during their academic experience, but they also need to just plain read, and read a lot. That's why the typical homework that I assign is to read a novel at home. If students say, "I don't have any homework," then you may respond, "Read your novel." 
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