Dance Chaperone

I’m a dance chaperone…what do I do?


  • At the door:
    • Make sure that students pay fee or give canned goods.
    • Keep students in the dance.
      • They may use the restrooms 1 at a time. We do not allow groups out of the dance.
      • We also allow them to get drinks at the fountain. 1 at a time, and not very often.
    • If a student leaves the building they are not allowed to return to the dance.
  • On the floor:
    • No bumping and grinding or suggestive dancing
    • No kissing
    • No running
    • Hands must remain in appropriate places…not on the buttocks of their dance partners!
    • Watch for altercations. Sometimes the emotions go overboard and arguments erupt.
  • In the hall:
    • Do not allow kids to go to lockers until the end of the dance.
    • Students may only use the bathrooms by the cafeteria.
  • After the Dance:
    • Monitor students using the office phone.
    • Monitor students outside waiting for rides.
  • General Behavior Notes:
    • If you have to speak to a student more than once please notify a staff member.
    • If a student is argumentative or rude please notify a staff member. The staff member will initiate a disciplinary referral or send the student home.
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