Athletics & Activities


Parents must attend one parent meeting per year before their athlete is able to compete. Please call the activity office (328-9280) if you need to schedule a time to watch the presentation.

RMS students may participate in these activities: 

  • 6th grade:       Cross Country, Swimming, Wrestling, and Track
  • 7th grade:       Cross Country, Football, Volleyball, Swimming, Basketball, Wrestling, and Track
  • 8th grade:       Cross Country, Football, Volleyball, Swimming, Basketball, Wrestling, and Track



Rawlins Middle School students who are involved in any activity sponsored by the school must maintain a high standard of academic success.  Students will be considered ineligible if they have a grade of “F” in any class for two consecutive weeks. If they have one “F” they are given a probation for one week. If they have two or more “F’s” the first week, they are automatically ineligible and do not receive a probationary period. If they have any “F’s” after the one week probation, they are ineligible until they have all passing grades - no F’s.

Eligibility is determined on a weekly basis. Students have until the end of the school day on Friday to turn in work. Grades to determine eligibility will be pulled on Monday at 10:00 am. Any student who is failing will be ineligible to participate in school activities for the week.  A student has the opportunity to become eligible for the following week’s activities if he/she improves his/her grade(s) to a passing level.  Eligibility runs from Monday to Saturday. That period of time constitutes one week. Eligibility will be checked starting the third week of the quarter.

Students are expected and required to attend practices even when they are ineligible.  Students must attend practices when in ISS, but not when the student has been placed in OSS (Out-of-School Suspension).  The students will not be allowed to attend or observe any activities, games, or special events during the time they are out of school suspended. Any student who receives suspension (ISS or OSS) will be ineligible to participate in any contest during their suspension.

The above eligibility policy outlines the minimum standards to which all RMS programs will operate. Individual coaches may increase eligibility standards.


Students are not required to have a sports physical to participate in clubs.  They may be subject to academic eligibility requirements to participate in some club activities. 

Student Council 

This club is a representative structure for students through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school.  Student council members work with school administrations, staff, parents, and community members to benefit the school and community.  Students do not have to be elected to participate in student council. 

Super Spellers 

This club provides students with and opportunity to hone their spelling skills and to compete.  The Super Spellers meet every other Monday through February after school. 

Jazz Band

In this club interested 7th and 8th grade students are introduced to jazz techniques. The jazz band rehearses before school.  

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